Career path

Certified Nurse Specialist (CNS)

As medicine becomes more advanced and specialized, the nature of nursing inevitably changes. In order to work as a "specialist nurse" with a high level of knowledge and skills, it is necessary to learn a particular specialty in depth at graduate school.

What is a CNS?

A CNS is a nurse with advanced practical nursing ability in a specific, specialized nursing field with education and research capabilities who can deal flexibly, innovatively and creatively in ever-changing medical, health and welfare facilities.
The aim is to acquire a qualification by Attaining means achieving knowledge and skills in a desired field selected from eleven specialized nursing fields recognized by the Japan Nursing Association.

How do you become a CNS?

In order to become a certified nurse specialist, applicants attend a postgraduate school with a curriculum accredited by the Japan Nursing College Council. After completing the course, they can become qualified by passing the certification examination.
At the Juntendo University Graduate School of Health Care and Nursing, the following eight courses have been accredited by the Japan Nursing College Council: chronic care nursing, cancer nursing, infection control nursing, child health nursing, gerontrological nursing, psychiatric mental health nursing, women’s health nursing and home care nursing. It is possible to become eligible to sit these certification examinations.
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In addition, after completing graduate school, nursing professionals who have certain practical experience can major in the field of nursing management. This opportunity is a strength of the faculty of Health Care and Nursing. Majoring in this field enables them to be eligible to sit the examination to become a certified nursing manager.

To learn knowledge and skills, and acquire qualifications, choose an educational institution that suits you.