Career path


Midwifery can be chosen. Students must pass an entrance test and take designated subjects. Upon obtaining sufficient credits, you qualify to take the national midwifery examination.


Studying in the Faculty of Health Care and Nursing

If many students want to take the midwifery course, we will conduct a test to select about 10 students in the third year. Their academic record as well as their test results will form the selection criteria.
In order to study midwifery in parallel with the nursing course, students must have a robust study plan and an ambitious attitude.

Third and Fourth Years

If you wish to take the midwifery course, you will need to take maternity psychology/sociology, sex and reproduction, introduction to midwifery, midwifery practice, and midwifery management etc from the beginning of the third year to the last term of the fourth year.
In midwifery practice, practical training will be conducted at the designated hospital obstetrics departments, maternity wards and neonatal intensive care units (NICU). In addition to assisting delivery, you will provide continuous midwifery care for one woman and her family during pregnancy and the puerperium. Through this continuous nursing, you will aim to understand the role of the midwife in the perinatal period, acquire the ability to perform health examinations and make midwifery diagnoses necessary for each stage, and develop midwifery planning skills.

Main Workplaces

Midwives can work at hospitals, clinics and public health centers, etc. Like doctors, they have the right to open a business, even their own midwife clinic.