Career path


In Juntendo University Faculty of Health Care and Nursing, the curriculum has been designed to acquire the skills and knowledge to work as a nurse.
New graduates, having gained knowledge and experience through various classes and practical training, can be employed as a nurse at various hospitals including our affiliated hospital to start with.


Study at the Faculty of Health Care and Nursing

At the Faculty of Health Care and Nursing, over a period of four years, the curriculum enables students to acquire the knowledge and practical skills for nursing.

1st and 2nd Years

In the 1st and 2nd years, the curriculum is characterized by focusing deeply on topics related to "humanity and culture" and "human health". Students will touch on subjects ranging from classics to contemporary studies, and cover politics, economics and law. Students will acquire basic knowledge in the fields of health, medical care and welfare, and basic medicine necessary for nursing.

2nd and 3rd Years

In the third and fourth years, students will study in depth "Nursing Theory and Method" and "Integration and Development of Medical Nursing", essential to becoming a nurse. Since clinical training is central, there will be practical focus on pediatrics, adults, geriatrics, maternity, home-based, and mental health nursing.
Every 2 or 3 weeks, there will be nursing practice at venues including the six Juntendo University hospitals and other medical and health institutions.

Working at the Six Juntendo University Hospitals

Upon graduating from the Faculty of Health Care and Nursing, students can preferentially get a job at one of our six hospitals affiliated with Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine. Every year, more than 80% of our graduates take up work there.