International Exchange

International Exchange

Overseas Training

We implement nursing training in the USA, UK, and Thailand so students can understand different cultures, develop nursing practice and research with a global perspective, and foster fundamental qualities for future leaders in the field of intercultural nursing

Nurse Training in the USA (10 days)

Training venues: Portland State University (PSU) and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).

During the training, students stay at PSU's dormitory, attend lectures given by US university nursing lecturers, and visit university and medical welfare facilities. Additionally, discussions and exchanges with US nursing students will provide an opportunity to grasp an understanding of a different culture.

Before Departure

  • English lectures
    Learn everyday English and learn in advance discussion and presentation methods with a focus on medical English.
  • Preparation for presentation
    Students prepare for presentations in English on the current situation of medical care and nursing in Japan, nursing education, etc.

In the USA

  • Lecture content:
    "Current status of American Health Care System and the Roles of Nurses," "The American Nursing Education System", "Education for Freshers", "Communication Skills," "Oregon’s Death with Dignity" "End of Life," etc.
  • Visit the university and medical /welfare facilities:
    OHSU Nursing Faculty, Graduate School, VirtuOHSU Simulation and Surgical Training Center, the general hospital, high-tech geriatric facility (nursing home), residential hospice, and pediatric patients / family support facility (McDonald House)"

Nurse Training in the USA Nurse Training in the USA

UK Nursing / UK Training (14 days)

Venue: De Montfort University (DMU)

During training, stuednts will stay at DMU's dormitory and deepen your understanding of English language and culture through lectures in English and exchange with UK nursing students. In addition, UK nursing lecturers will give nursing lectures and tours of medical facilities.

Before Departure

  • English lectures
    Learn in advance in everyday English.
  • Preparation presentations
    Students prepare presentations in English on daily life of nursing students in Japan, the present conditions of medical care and nursing, nursing education etc.
  • Buddy program with British nursing students
    Students are paired with one or more UK nursing students in order to practice English language skills and deepen understanding of UK culture through exchanges using SNS.

In the UK

  • Language training (about 20 hours)
    This original program created in collaboration with DMU and its Centre of English Language Learning (CELL), cultivates presentation skills and English conversation skills that can be used in various medical fields in the future.
  • Lectures on actual UK nursing practice
    "UK Nursing Education System", etc.
  • Visit the university and medical/welfare facilities
    Students learn about emergency and life-saving nursing in the nursing practice room, and visit the general hospital.
  • Interaction with buddies
    Students spend some or all of their free time during their stay with their buddies.
  • Participation in voluntary community activities (DMU Square Mile)
    Together with UK students and university staff, Students participate in community service activities for local residents.

Nurse Training in the USA Nurse Training in the USA