Overseas Training

Overseas Training

Juntendo University Faculty of Health Care and Nursing implements training in the USA, Thailand, and UK
This affords an invaluable opportunity to learn unique technologies and fields of nursing that cannot be experienced in Japan.

Training in the UK

From 2014, we began an annual 14 days overseas language and nursing training at De Montfort University (DMU.) Our 2nd and 3rd year students take intensive lectures to learn English and UK nursing, and participate in a voluntary community program called the "DMU Square Mile."
Before attending the training, there is a video telephone exchange program with their nursing students, which helps improve English language skills and also provides an opportunity to make friends in the UK.
During the training, there is an English course which emphasizes conversation, but also includes reading and writing. There are discussions on a variety of topics and students give presentations on the final day.
By experiencing UK society and culture and by learning about their nursing methods, students gain valuable experience which will improve current and subsequent student life and career prospects.

Training in the USA

For the fourth year's elective subject, "Cross-Cultural Medical Care and Nursing (Overseas Training)," training will take place for 10 days at a training facility in the United States. The goal is to cultivate basic competence in the development of nursing practice and research from a global perspective.
In addition to lectures at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and Portland State University (PSU), students also visit OHSU's nursing department, graduate school, affiliated hospitals and training centers.
There will be interpreters at PSU, but at OHSU discussions will be held directly with nursing students so students will be urged to use English and have a positive attitude towards training.
In addition, it is possible to visit high-tech geriatric facilities, residential hospices, and advanced US institutions and facilities, thus providing substantial overseas training.

Training in Thailand

The Faculty of Health Care and Nursing made an agreement with Thammasat University’s faculty of nursing, Thailand, in November 2012. It is the second oldest university in Thailand.
Their faculty of nursing was established in 1996, and 100 undergraduate nursing students enter each year.
They have a medical school, dentistry department, health science department, public health department, etc, and their learning environment is well equipped.
We started a training program at Thammasat University in 2014. Our third year students can experience student life at Thammasat University with Thai students, participating in lessons and practical training at the University, and visiting local hospitals and affiliated institutions. Through learning about Thai medical care and Thai nursing practice, students are able tol train to be a nurse with a global perspective.

Overseas Training