Message from the Director

Masters Syllabus

1.Divisions, Fields, Courses for the Master's Degree Course in Nursing Research

Classification Course Title Units
Nursing Research Methodology 2
Applied statistics 2
Nursing Theory 2
Opinions on nursing ethics 2
Consultation 2
Family Relationships 2
Nursing Administration 2
International health 2
Advanced Medical Teatment and Medical Science 2
Public Health Coordination 2
Social Welfare 2
Medical Information 2
Disease Mechanisms 2
Health Science 2
Health economics 2
History of Medicine and Medical Treatment 2
Clinical pharmacology 2
Medical English 2
Special lecture on medical care nursing 2
Classification Course Title Units
Nursing Education 2
Development of Nursing Skills 2
Nursing Administration I (Theory) 2
Nursing Administration II (Human Resource Management) 2
Health assessment 2
Adult Health Nursing I (Selfcare Support) 2
Adult Health Nursing II (Developmental Support) 2
Adult Health Nursing III (Medical Treatment System) 2
Adult Health Nursing IV (Rehabilitation) 2
Adult Health Nursing Practice 6
Maternity Nursing I (Perinatal Treatment and Care) 2
Maternity nursing II (Women's health care) 2
Child Health Nursing I (Population) 2
Child Health Nursing II (Support System) 2
Child Health Nursing III (Support System) 2
Child Health Nursing IV (Advanced Nursing Practice) 2
Child Health Nursing Practice 6
Community Nursing I (Public Health Nursing Principles) 2
Community Nursing II (Public Hygiene Activities) 2
Home Nursing I 2
Home nursing II (Life Support) 2
Mental Health Nursing (Medical Treatment and Welfare) 2
Mental Health Nursing II (Lifestyle Appraisal) 2
Mental Health Nursing III (Treatment Methodology) 2
Mental Health Nursing IV (Liaison in Mental Health Nursing) 2
Mental Health Nursing Practice 6
Oncology Nursing 2
Oncology Nursing Pathology 2
Oncology Nursing Support I 2
Oncology Nursing Support II 2
Oncology Nursing Practice 6
Infection Control Nursing 2
Infection Control Nursing II (Prevention and Management) 2
Infection Control Nursing III (Nursing Support) 2
Infection Control Nursing IV (Infection Control System) 2
Infection Control Nursing Practice 6
Gerontological Nursing I (Assessment Method) 2
Gerontological Nursing II (Nursing Support Method) 2
Gerontological Nursing III (Support System) 2
Gerontological Nursing IV (Dementia Care) 2
Gerontological Nursing Practice 6
Classification Course Title Units
Seminar 4
Special Research 6
Assignment Research 4

2. Classes are held at the Urayasu Campus and the Hongo satellite campus